Metaplane supports both SSH tunnels and reverse SSH tunnels for secure data warehouse access.

SSH Tunnels

When configuring a source, press Use SSH Tunnel to configure the host, user, port, and remote host.


Reverse SSH Tunnels

If you are unable to provide direct port access to your instance, you can connect Metaplane to your database using a Reverse SSH Tunnel.

Step 1: Provide Metaplane with your SSH Public Key

To get started, please provide the Metaplane sales engineering team with the following information:

  • The public key corresponding to the SSH keypair you are using the establish the tunnel
  • The IP address(es) of machines from which you'll be connecting to the Metaplane SSH server

After sending this information, our team will set up a secure SSH server and provide the SSH host, SSH user, and tunnel port number that you will need to establish the SSH connection.

Step 2: Set up the reverse SSH tunnel on your server

We recommend using autossh, which will manage the lifecycle of the SSH connection, automatically restarting the tunnel if it goes down.

autossh -M 0 -f -N -R <TUNNEL_PORT>:<DATABASE_HOST_OR_IP>:<DATABASE_PORT> -i <SSH_PRIVATE_KEY> <METAPLANE_SSH_USER>@<METAPLANE_SSH_HOST> -o ServerAliveCountMax=1 -o ServerAliveInterval=10 -o ExitOnForwardFailure=yes

If you run into issues, please contact [email protected]