Metaplane is able to integrate with dbt Core by ingesting the manifest and run_result artifacts from a dbt run. We provide a CLI tool to make it easier to integrate and send the artifacts from whatever your orchestration environment might be.

Creating the Connection

Navigate to the connections page, click on "dbt Core", then follow the prompt.

Metaplane will associate all dbt Core-related monitoring results with this connection. We will use the connection id, taken from the url<your connectionId UUID> in later steps.

Creating an API token

To send dbt Core artifacts to Metaplane, you will need to create an API token to authenticate requests. Create a new token following these steps. Save your token in a secure location since we will not be able to show it to you again.

Using the CLI

The CLI can be downloaded and installed via this command:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The setup script will install a binary at ~/.local/bin and automatically add that directory to your PATH if it's not already there.

If you'd prefer to avoid having to download the binary on every run, you can instead download the binary directly and include it in your orchestration environment, e.g., in a Docker image.

To use the CLI, you will also need to set your API token as an environment variable like MP_API_TOKEN=<yourSecrectAPIToken>

After the dbt Core completes its run, you can send the resulting artifacts to Metaplane by invoking the CLI like this:

metaplane import-dbt-run \
  --connection-id <yourDbtCoreConnectionId> \
  --project-name <yourProjectName> \
  --job-name <yourJobName> \
  --manifest <pathToManifest.json> \
  --run-results <pathToRunResults.json>

The connection id can be found in the URL of the dbt Core connection page. You can get there by simply navigating to the Connections page, clicking on your dbt Core connection, then copying the UUID from the URL — it immediately proceeds /s/ portion of the path.

Both project-name and job-name are strings arbitrary strings that you can set to to help organize and group your different results.