MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

Provisioning Access with Roles (v8.0+)

Create user

As a super user, execute the following SQL commands to create a group, a user assigned to that group, and permissions to access and monitor system tables.

Make sure to generate a secure password and store it securely — you'll save it into Metaplane later.

CREATE ROLE metaplane_role;
GRANT REFERENCES ON *.* TO metaplane_role;
GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO metaplane_role;
GRANT SELECT ON *.* TO metaplane_role;

CREATE USER metaplane_user IDENTIFIED BY 'password123';

GRANT metaplane_role to metaplane_user WITH ADMIN OPTION;
SET DEFAULT ROLE metaplane_role TO metaplane_user;

Granting permissions to tables in a schema

Then for each schema schema_name, execute the following three commands to grant read-only access:

-- Grant usage on schema and select on current and future child tables
GRANT USAGE ON schema_name.* TO metaplane_role;
GRANT SELECT ON schema_name.* TO metaplane_role;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON schema_name.* TO metaplane_role;

Provisioning Access without Roles (< v8.0)

CREATE USER metaplane_user IDENTIFIED BY 'password123';

GRANT REFERENCES ON *.* TO metaplane_user;
GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO metaplane_user;
GRANT SELECT ON *.* TO metaplane_user;

Adding MySQL source

To add a source, navigate to the Connections page and click the MySQL button. A modal will prompt you for the credentials you just created, then allow you to save the connection for testing:


Whitelisted IPs

Metaplane will always connect to your data warehouse from these static IP addresses:


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