AWS PrivateLink

Organizations using Snowflake with AWS PrivateLink can still use Metaplane with a few extra steps. Please reach out to your Metaplane account representative to start the process.

Steps to grant Metaplane access to a Snowflake instance behind AWS PrivateLink

  1. Open a Snowflake support ticket requesting third party access to your Snowflake instance. The ticket must contain Metaplane's AWS account ID which will be provided to you.
  2. Run select system$get_privatelink_config(); in Snowflake and send the response to Metaplane.
  3. Metaplane will then create a VPC endpoint to connect to your Snowflake instance.
  4. Once Metaplane gives you the go ahead, you can connect to your Snowflake account in Metaplane using the Snowflake private link account name. It will look something like: <account id>.<region>.privatelink
    1. Note: If you are using network policies in Snowflake to restrict external access, you will have to add Metaplane's private IP address range to your policy.