Tips for Managing your Metaplane Account

These features are intended to help you manage your objects and incidents discovered through Metaplane.

  • Tags: These can be applied to monitors, tables, and/or downstream destinations (e.g. a business intelligence report) for easier grouping based on your data usage. This may include “critical” monitors that indicate severe data incidents or simply grouping by use case (e.g. marketing analytics).
  • Custom Dashboards: Once you’ve set up tags, you’ll be able to create a dashboard with a view of the objects that you or your direct team cares about, to provide a quick overview of data health.
  • Alert Routing: We also recommend routing alerts by tags or incident type to specified slack channels for more mature data teams that support a plethora of use cases.

If you want to learn more about how others have organized their Metaplane account for , get in touch with the team!