Shared Slack channels

We love to offer shared Slack channels in which we:

  1. Provide immediate, real-time support for bugs, questions, and feedback
  2. Can help audit alerts
  3. Share product updates

Inviting the Metaplane team in a shared Slack channel is free and should take less than 5 minutes.


Your Slack team may require administrative approval of Shared slack channels

Creating a Shared Slack channel

Follow the instructions below to turn an existing channel into a secure Shared channel with the Metaplane team:

  1. Within your preferred channel, click the "Add Person" icon on the top right corner.
  1. Click the "Add person" outside your organization link
  1. Invite [email protected]and[email protected] . Please feel free to reach out to those emails if you have any questions about setting up a shared slack channels.

Additional instructions

The UI varies by Slack version, so if the instructions above do not work, Slack provides more instructions: Add people from other companies to a channel