Troubleshooting tips

Monitor timeouts

If your monitor is regularly timing out, there are a few things we recommend you try:

  1. It may seem obvious, but sometimes timeout can be due to an issue or outage in your warehouse. If you have several timeouts at once, or if it's unusual for your Metaplane monitors to time out, this can be a good place to start.
  2. Decrease the amount of data Metaplane is querying. If Metaplane is trying to monitor the nullness of a column in a table with tens of billions of rows, that query could take several minutes to resolve. Consider instead filtering down to a subset of data. Perhaps looking at fields with a create date within the last day, or within the last week, is just as useful. Perhaps adding a WHERE clause to, for example, look only at fields pulled from a certain integration where null values are more common could work, too.
  3. Increase your query timeout limit at the source level. If several of your monitors regularly time out in Metaplane, it could be worth increasing the amount of time Metaplane runs its queries before timing out. The default timeout is 150 seconds, and you can set the timeout at whatever limit makes sense for your team. You can access this setting from the "Connection" card on your warehouse page in Metaplane, then click into the Actions menu to open the configuration options.