GitHub Integration

Proactively prevent data quality issues introduced by code changes made to dbt models in your GitHub pull requests.

Level up your data team's insight into how pull requests will affect your data stack before they're even merged. Metaplane's GitHub App will enrich your team's pull requests with helpful context ranging from downstream model and BI impact to data quality implications on your production warehouse.

Metaplane's GitHub Integration is supported for both dbt Cloud and dbt Core connections.

Data Lineage Previews

Using dbt and BI lineage, our Github bot will comment on each of your dbt PRs and report potential downstream impacts using our Data Impact Preview CI check.

Data Test Previews

Get notified of how pull requests will impact the data quality of your warehouse using our Data Test Preview CI check. Metaplane will compare the results of running a suite of data tests against your PR changes and production warehouse.


  1. Navigate to your dbt (Cloud or Core) connection either via the sidebar link.
  2. Click the "Connect to GitHub" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The app will then take you through a guided connection flow. We recommend you apply our GitHub App only to your specific dbt repo.

  1. Once the Metaplane GitHub App has been successfully installed, you'll get redirect back to the Metaplane app where we'll be prompted to complete the setup process. Click "Setup dbt integration."

If installing the Metaplane GitHub app required you to request GitHub admin approval, please reach out to Metaplane support once the app has been approved so that we can help you complete the process.

  1. Complete the form by selecting the GitHub App features that you'd like to enable along with the required dbt job information.

The screenshot above is the configuration form for dbt Cloud. The dbt Core form look slightly different but requires the same information. That is, instead of requiring URLs to Cloud jobs, we require the project/job names for productions and CI jobs. These names should match the project/job names reported via the Metaplane CLI.

If you're using dbt Cloud and have finished the steps above, there is nothing left for you to do — the GitHub Metaplane App will automatically respond to pull requests with related context, per the features that you've enabled.

If you're using dbt Core, make sure that you've updated your CI to notify Metaplane of PR-associated dbt runs. You can read more about how to do that over in the dbt Core docs.