Data test previews

Test your data in the pull request

Never merge a data breaking change again with data test previews. Metaplane will test the data in your development branch against production data in seconds, giving your team peace of mind when reviewing and merging pull requests.

Easily configure tests

Metaplane always comes with great defaults and flexibility. Data test previews are configurable so you can choose which tests are run and adjust testing thresholds.

Share data test reports with teammates

Share the results of data tests with stakeholders and teammates to raise awareness about data quality across the organization.

Test preview report


To run data test previews, Metaplane will need access to the new PR schemas that your dbt CI job creates on each run. There two primary ways to accomplish this:

  1. Grant the Metaplane user access to all future schemas on the specific database where dbt is running.
  2. Add a step in the CI job in dbt to selectively grant the Metaplane user access to the newly created schema. Our friends at SpotOn created this helpful macro to grant access to the newly created schemas. This can be adapted and run in your project via dbt run-operation command.

What’s Next

Get started by connecting your dbt Cloud repo in Github to Metaplane: