Configuring monitors

How to schedule monitors, add manual thresholds, and filter by rolling time windows.

Configuration pane

To start customizing a monitor, navigate to the right side of a specific monitor page. This configuration pane will let you change schedules, add manual thresholds, and test based on rolling time windows.

Metaplane UI for configuring monitors


By default, Metaplane runs monitors every hour. You can change your organization wide default via the account page. When changing the schedule, you can pick from one of our pre-set options or fully customize it with your own custom cron schedule.

Metaplane UI for scheduling tests Metaplane UI for custom scheduling


Thresholds allow you to set specific rules for a monitor in. Threshold are the perfect fit when you have a clear idea of when you would like to be alerted. For example, if you have a column that should never be null, it’s probably better to set a threshold on your nullness monitor like:

Metaplane UI for adding manual thresholds

This setting ensures that you will be alerted if the nullness percent ever goes above 0.

Rolling time window filters

Adding a time window filter to your monitor is a useful way to limit the total amount of data Metaplane needs to scan or ensure that old data isn’t being included in the observation. The monitor can be filtered by any datetime column on the table.

Metaplane UI for rolling time window filters

Once selected, this effectively adds a WHERE clause to the monitor’s sql to filter out an orders from more than a day ago. Note that the time window is rolling and not calendar based.