Creating monitors

Video walkthrough (3 min)

Adding monitors

The primary place to add monitors is on the Data page. On the left hand side are the contents of the data warehouse: schemas in a warehouse, tables/views in a schema, and columns in a table/view. Across the top are the monitors supported by Metaplane, described in Monitor types and Custom SQL monitors.

To add a monitor, you simply enter Edit mode on the top right corner then click on the cells. Metaplane will begin collecting the metadata and training our models immediately.

Bulk-adding monitors

To add monitors to all tables/views in a schema or all columns in a table/view, you can click the cell with a downwards chevron:


Changing monitor frequency

Monitors are run each hour by default. But by clicking in a monitor page, you can change the frequency:


Adding manual thresholds

Metaplane can combine automated models with manual thresholds, such that you're alerted when the value is above or below specified values.


Configuring alert tolerance

Metaplane categorizes alert severity based on the degree to which an observed data value is outside of an expected range. By default, alerts are sent for Failures. But for monitors for which you only want to be alerted on the most unexpected outliers, you can change the value to Critical failures. For monitors that you want to be alerted on all changes, you can change the value to Warnings.